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Don’t Be Denied Your Second Injury Fund Compensation

If you have a pre-existing injury, disability, or handicap, Missouri’s Second Injury Fund Compensation could prove very important to you in the future. It’s important not only that you are aware of the fund, but also that you understand how it functions in order to ensure that you are never robbed of potential benefits.

What is the Second Injury Fund?
After World War II, many companies were hesitant to hire veterans who had sustained injuries or handicaps in battle. The employers were concerned about the costs of employee healthcare and worker’s compensation due to their pre-existing health complications. Missouri’s government attempted to resolve this problem and get veterans back in the workplace by creating the Second Injury Fund to serve as an assurance that the state would cover the employer’s additional costs if a combination of disabilities rendered an employee fully disabled.

Today, the Second Injury Fund is funded by a surcharge paid by employers and it helps and protects employees when a work-related injury combines with a pre-existing disability to create an “increased combined disability.” In other words, if a recent workplace injury exacerbates an existing disability to create an even worse health condition, the Second Injury Fund can be utilized for compensation says Robert Smith, St. Louis workers compensation attorney. The date of the most recent compensable injury, either before or after January 1, 2014, determines the compensation available. If this might apply to you, it is critical that you receive legal counsel to determine how you should properly pursue the compensation that you deserve from the Second Injury Fund.

Before or After January 1, 2014

If your most recent compensable injury was sustained before January 1, 2014, the Second Injury Fund makes five potential benefits available. These include permanent partial disability, permanent total disability, death benefits, rehabilitation benefits, indemnity for lost wages from a second job, and medical expenses for injured employees of uninsured employers. Senate Bill 1 altered these compensations for injuries sustained after January 1, 2014. Rehabilitation benefits are still available, but now the only other compensation available is permanent total disability benefits.

Though the compensation available for more recent injuries isn’t as generous, it’s still a very important option to have for those with pre-existing conditions. When in doubt, talk to a lawyer.


Types of Law Firms

A Law firm comes with the variety of sizes, functioning area and shapes that can be ranging from single state to multi-state. Choosing a right law firm sometimes may be difficult but it is very important to know about their types for your future growth in a law firm.

Many different types of law firms available today some of them are:

Happy Young Couple Discussing With Consultant In Office

Location Based

The location is a major factor and it plays an important role in making your career in a law firm. The USA is considered as the most powerful and developed country, where many different law firms were already established, so it can be a financial and cultural hub for many law students for their growth. These are called international law firms that can engage in many international projects as they are a specialist in media laws and corporate laws. They have their offices all around the world.

110617_lawyers_hmed_1143p.grid-6x2Solo Law Firms

These types of firms are run wholly by the single lawyer. He/ She can be an experienced person in handling matters of a variety of topics that can range from family law to personal law. They can be specialized in any one particular department of law, for example, a patent law. There are certain befits of working in a single law firm and they are generally less expensive than other firms.

Small Law Firms

Inner-Small-Law-FirmsTiny law firms sometimes also called the boutique law firms generally provide an opportunity to work with other lawyers on complicated and other legal matters. These law firms can have the feeling of solo law firms that can comprise of having closely one-to-one interaction but they may also represent themselves on a broader range of legal topics.

AA000160Large Law Firms

They are also known as full-scale firms that can be comprised of many lawyers, employees, administrative staff, and support team dealing across multiple cities or even countries. Large law firms are able to handle full-scale legal works that comprise of certain business transactions, litigation on a large scale and many different criminal matters including crimes related to white collar jobs.

Litigation vs. Transnational Law Firms

xGallery_Miller_Arthur_001.jpg,qitok=M9Zrigk7.pagespeed.ic.fVRJ-AwUikThere can be a type of Law firms that are sometimes classified by the type of legal services they offer. In most cases lawyers do not switch their practice areas within a law firm, but sometimes or at more instances lawyers who are perfectly trained in court cases and at trials they can typically do switching over the entire career path. Apart from that transnational attorney who is perfect in handling corporate affairs and drafting work can perform different practices.

Criminal-Defense-Law-Firms-Facts-to-Know-About-300x300Criminal Law Firms

Law firms that are specialized in some criminal cases like securities fraud and other crimes often focused on representing their private clients who can afford the criminal attorney. A person who is facing any criminal charges can hire a criminal defense lawyer for their assistance in all the stages of criminal processing. These types of lawyers are very skilled and knowledgeable about the laws & procedures.

lawbooks-360x239Law Firms by Practice Area

After deciding the idea of where to work, it is very important to consider what sort of work you wish to do for your practice or for gaining some experience. It is highly advisable for you to find out your specialist area as much as you can for the sake of your interest.